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Lorelei Florida Keys is a coastal restaurant in Florida operating with a passion for serving high-quality American seafood and other great cuisines to its valued customers. We serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, and sunset celebrations in one of the best and brightest spots in Florida.

With a combined experience of over 30 years, our team of experts in the food and restaurant industry produced a reputation as the perfect place to relax, enjoy your meal and drink, and have fun. If you want to have a great time while you enjoy delicious seafood in Florida, visit our place and have a Lorelei Florida Keys experience!

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How to Choose the Best Seafood for Your Restaurant

Eating seafood dishes can be an incredible taste experience. The flavors are unlike anything else on earth. The waters where your fish was sourced suffuse your entrees, appetizers, and hors d’oeuvres with a fresh essence. It doesn’t matter if you buy your fish fresh or frozen – you can still get the best of the best. This will result in superior flavor for your restaurant dishes. Learn how to choose seafood for your restaurant and get the best bang for your buck. How to Choose Seafood for the Best-Tasting Dishes For the uninitiated, picking restaurant seafood can be a bit intimidating. Use these tips to navigate the waters. Tips for Purchasing Fresh Seafood Purchasing the catch-of-the-day can be beneficial for your business in a lot of ways. Customers respond well to “fresh seafood” advertising, and it appeals to the growing “eat local” movement. Especially if you live in a coastal town, perusing your local fish market could be a great method to support the local economy and sustainable fishing. These are positive aspects diners like to hear about and can be a great draw for your restaurant. Here’s what to look for when purchasing fresh fish: 1. Fish should smell fresh and salty, like seawater or even cucumbers. If they smell fishy, sour, or have an ammonia scent, stay far away. 2. The flesh should be firm and unmarked, except for the animal’s natural coloring. When you touch the flesh, it should spring back. Avoid fish with flesh that looks brown. 3. Check that the eyes are clear and slightly bulging. Don’t purchase if they look cloudy. Seasonal Catches In general, when purchasing fresh fish, look for seasonal catches. These will be readily available and taste delicious. For example, some varieties of salmon are available fresh in Alaska during the summer months. Freshly-caught blue mussels are available from January to March in the Pacific Northwest. Research your area and find out what’s in season during each month of the year. Seasonal menus are a big trend with restaurants, so you could tap into this market and emphasize local, seasonal, sustainable cuisine. Tips for Buying Frozen Seafood If you need to buy your product in bulk or require flexibility for the day you cook it, frozen seafood may be the better option. In fact, frozen fish can taste just as fresh as varieties purchased at a fish market. This is because […]

Florida Keys Travel Guide

The Florida Keys are like a coral kingdom: a 125-mile-long arcing chain of islands flung south from the tip of Florida with the ultimate island — Key West — resting just 90 miles from the shores of Cuba. And with one narrow road (and 42 bridges) connecting the isles, just to travel the Florida Keys is to feel on a magical, water-surrounded journey. While it’s possible to hop in a car in Miami and make it to Key West (and the southernmost point in the continental United States) in less than four hours (traffic willing), that defeats the charm and richness of Florida Keys. Every few miles there’s a discovery to be had: a tiki bar, a seafood joint, a beachy resort or boutique hotel, a gorgeous nature preserve, or just a thrilling turquoise vista across the famed saltwater flats toward a blue horizon. So, make a trip of it — spend a few days in Key Largo or Islamorada near the upper end of the archipelago, dally on Marathon or Big Pine Key, then settle in for some serious quirky culture, history, and bohemia in Key West. Take time to snorkel, dive, and fish, walk the beach and eat lots and lots of seafood (and Key lime pie). And don’t worry if you don’t get to everything that there is to love and explore in the Florida Keys — you’ll be back. Time Zone Eastern Standard Time (Daylight Savings Time is observed seasonally) Best Time to Go Peak tourist season in the Florida Keys starts right after the holidays in late December and lasts through May. During the winter months, it almost never rains, and even if clouds do push through with some showers, they’re gone that day. The Keys’ subtropical climate means balmy temperatures year-round (January’s high temperatures are typically in the 70s), making it a superb destination when even Central Florida can be experiencing frosts. In the summer, when temperatures get into the hot range (July’s average high is 86°F), the crowds disperse a bit, and hotels tend to lower their prices, which makes this a great time to visit if you’re looking for better deals and don’t mind heat and humidity. Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1 to Nov. 30, which means more turbulent weather and the possibility of dangerous storms (peak hurricane months for the Florida Keys are between Aug. 15 and Oct. 15). […]

Benefits of Enjoying Seafood from a Restaurant

Taking a night off from cooking dinner yourself to instead enjoy going to a restaurant is always nice. After all, eating out allows you to partake in a delicious meal without having to worry about burning the food, seasoning it perfectly, or washing dishes afterward. However, aside from all these basic perks, there are many reasons why you should let the seafood experts prepare your favorite dishes for you. Here are 4 benefits of enjoying seafood from a restaurant, rather than your home. You Get the Freshest Seafood Available While we can’t speak for all seafood restaurants, we can speak for ourselves in saying that our restaurant only offers the freshest seafood available. This is because we purchase large portions of seafood each day that is delivered straight from the North Carolina coast to our restaurant. So, not only do we provide our customers with the freshest seafood available, but also options that are locally sourced. Generally, seafood options found in everyday grocery stores are not nearly as fresh as what we offer, nor locally sourced. Rarely has the seafood purchased in stores been caught just a day, or maybe a few days, before, as ours is. Ultimately, we guarantee the freshest seafood available via our daily shipments, which is something that is uncommon in typical grocery stores. You Get the Highest Quality Seafood Consistently At NC Seafood, we operate under highly detailed, standardized, and consistent processes, which routinely grant our customers high-quality, fresh, properly prepared seafood every time. From our cooking conditions to storage procedures and beyond, our strict regulations and standards ensure that we serve top-quality seafood, meaning each time an individual orders seafood from our restaurant, they will receive an exceptional, well-prepared meal. Consuming seafood that is unproperly cooked or prepared can result in several health issues; eating at a seafood restaurant with detailed standards and procedures ensures that your meal is delicious, fresh, high-quality, and ready to eat every time. You Get Cheaper Pricing for Higher Quality Seafood Unless you regularly purchase large amounts of fresh seafood from local fishmongers, typically you can receive cheaper pricing for higher quality seafood in eating at a restaurant than you would at your ordinary grocery store. In other words, because we buy our goods consistently and in bulk, we receive better pricing on our fresh, local seafood, meaning we are able to offer our high-quality seafood at a cheaper […]